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6401 Hartman Rd, Forest Hill, TX 76119
Ministries at Forest Hill UMC


We believe that God gave you interests and passions, and His desire is to bless you so you become a blessing to Him and to others by

1. Pursuing YOUR passions with HIS help, and
2. Serving your gifts to others in HIS Power (e.g., in business, social media, donations, projects)
in HIS Power.

The truth is that if you put God first and allow God to become involved in your passionate pursuits, He will make you more effective, more successful and He will make you the BEST friend, family member, business owner, church member, etc.

All of that happens when we choose to put Him first and grow in love for our neighbors. Join our Family, today!


Children are such a blessing from God!  So, we believe that God has anointed us to partner with parents to cultivate their lives through an exciting, weekly experience where fun and learning go hand in hand. 

Just as is the case with adults, if learning about God and themselves is fun children they will become passionate about their relationship with Him.  If children become passionate about God, their relationships with their parents and teachers will “fall in line.”

Our curriculum incorporates in-person and online experiences.


Teens are at the age where the rubber begins to “meet the road.”  Teens are on the cusp of learning to form good relationships or bad ones, so there is little room for empty spiritual sayings or concepts.  Consequently, “Relationships” and submission to God are BIG annual topics for us.

Ships are designed to carry people safely to a desired destination.  Like physical ships, God uses RELATION-ships to deliver our Teens to safe, desirable destinations.  There is no need to sugar coat it:  Teens need to know that whether they take the right ships or the wrong ships there are consequences.  We insist on “real” talk.


JOIN US and learn
(1) What God’s Plan is for you, and
(2) How to get into the flow of Abundance!

God has a plan that is clear and easy to follow concerning finances, and His plan is THE ONLY promise in the Bible where He says, “Prove Me in this.” God wants your household to have more than enough, but it begins with honoring Him.


If you have an interest in video, audio, sound or you can help us follow and post to social media, then you are the answer to our prayers! We want to ensure the our online presence stays fresh, and that we also stay on top of and influence events online.



It is not enough to follow and wish for equality and social justice. We need people who can help us identify issues and initiatives for the church to pray about and support.

Join us in extending justice and righteousness across the earth.